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How to explain Sentai features to your Mum or Dad

Even for generations that have grown up with new technology, it may be overwhelming occasionally to get used to new devices and products. However, that is not the case with Sentai.

1. Sensor.

Once you have set up the Sensor according to this guide, tell your loved one that the sensor will track their movements, near the place it is set, throughout the day.

  • If your loved one asks, “Why do you need to track my movements?”
    Your response could be, “It will help me understand when you wake up and when you go to bed. Thanks to that, I will know that everything is okay with you and rest assured that you started your day and slept well”.
  • They might also ask:” Why does Sentai ask me how well I slept?”
    Your response could be “How well you sleep is really important and affects your health on a daily basis, knowing that makes sure that if you usually don't get enough sleep or get too much sleep frequently, we can address the issue or talk to your General Practitioner (or your doctor) about it”.


2. Clicker.

The Clicker is a small and portable device which is easy to set up using this guide and allows you to:

  • Start communication with Sentai.
  • Ask for help in difficult situations, as if they have fallen down and can't get up.

Here is what you may tell your loved one about the clicker — “This clicker is a button, which you can use to start the conversation with Sentai or ask for help. In case you want to talk about anything, click it once, and Sentai will ask what you want. In case you feel bad and need help, press and hold the clicker button until the small blue light goes out — I will be notified in such cases and Sentai will ask you what the problem is and whether you can reach a phone so, if I should call you or not”.


3. Reminders.

After you set up a reminder as per this guide, it is worth explaining to your loved one what interactions with Sentai they can expect in the future.

Say you set up a reminder to do morning exercises every day at 9 AM. Here is how you can communicate this to your loved one — “Mum, I know that you like doing morning exercises, and to make sure you don’t skip any, I have set up the reminder for you. Thus, starting from tomorrow, Sentai will remind you about morning exercises at 9 AM”.


4. Medication.

As soon as you set up the Medications feature as per the following guide, make sure to explain to your loved one how it will work. 

Here is an example: “Dad, you need to take these yellow pills every day at 12pm. To make sure you don’t skip any, I have set up the reminder for you, so Sentai will notify you every day when you need to take the pill. Once done, you will need to confirm to Sentai that the pill has been taken. If you don’t confirm, I will be notified and therefore, call you to make sure you take it on time”.


5. Check In.

When you set up the Check In feature as per the following guide, you can find how easy it is to check in on your loved ones via this feature.

Here is how you can tell your loved one that you will be able to check in on them more easily — “Mum, you know how much I love checking in on you and seeing how you are, so I set up this feature that Sentai will ask you how you are feeling every day at wakeup/bedtime/specific time and pass this information to me. In case you don't answer, I will be notified and, thus, call you to see how you are holding up and if everything is alright”.


6. Shopping.

You can find how easy it is to use the Shopping feature and to run all the shopping for your loved one, in one quick trip as per this guide.

Here is your response if your loved one asks why they need to tell Sentai what they want for groceries, medications, or other items to purchase — “When you tell Sentai what you want and more preferably the exact details of the item you want, I see the list on my end and make sure to bring the products with me next time I visit you. So you don't need to call me if you want me to shop anything for you. Just let Sentai know, and I will take it from there”.