Create medication

Help with Medication reminders

Watch our short video about end to end medication setup:

HubSpot Video

In the Sentai Companion App:

  • Select Medication.
  • Add medication name and quantity, not official name, Sentai says this so be clear, e.g. 2 red pills.
  • With name you can add specific requirements, e.g. take with food.
  • Edit frequency by tapping and selecting appropriate frequency.
  • Edit time in day by tapping + icon and setting time.
  • Repeat for each time required.
  • For defined period slide toggle beside “No End Date” opening calendar to select date.
  • Select “Done”.

If medication changes (for example dosage or type of medication) can remove or edit it:

  1. Select Medication in Configuration menu:
  2. Select the medication you want to edit or remove.
  3. A pop-up will appear to edit or delete the medication: