How do I set up my Sentai clicker, sensor and hub?

After completing setting up your account, it’s time to easily set up the Sentai Devices:


Watch our Smart Kit Unboxing Video to find out more about our devices:

HubSpot Video
  • Smart Hub: 
- Add in your Wi-Fi Router name and Password. 

- Then, click Next.

- Plug in the Smart Hub and wait 10 seconds. 

- Ensure the red-light is flashing.

- Then click "next".

Important Note: If the red light is not flashing, please insert the reset pin as shown here.

Hold for 5 seconds until the lights go out and then come back on with the red light flashing.

- Please minimize the Sentai App.

- Open your device’s settings

- Then Wi-Fi

- Select 'Smartlife'.

Important Note: Don’t worry if it says no connection or unsecured network.

  • Sentai Clicker:

- Take the clicker and remove the plastic power tag. 

Important Note: If the plastic power tag breaks while removing it, please check this article.

- Insert the reset pin for 5 seconds in the back of the clicker.

- The little blue light will flash.
- Then click "Next" on the screen.

  • Sentai Sensor
- Add the name of the sensor location, e.g. Bedroom.

- Take the sensor, and remove the plastic power tag.

- Insert the reset pin for 5 seconds in the back of the sensor.
- The little blue light should blink.
- Click on your phone’s screen, “Done”.