10 reasons why you should buy Sentai for your Mum or Dad.

In the UK alone, over 10 million people are caring for a loved one, Sentai aims to make caring for them easier every day!

  • Reducing loneliness among older individuals.

Social isolation and loneliness are important social determinants of health for people of all ages, including the elderly. High-quality social connections are critical to our mental and physical heath.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to one in three older people experience social isolation and loneliness.

Sentai aims to help with this, by connecting your loved ones with you on a daily basis through many of our extensive and useful features that we will delve through in this article.


  • Being a quick aid if your loved one falls.

Falls and fractures are a common and serious health issue for older people in the UK. 

According to the official UK Government website, the risk of falling is highest in those 65 and older; about one-third of those in this age group and about half of those 80 and over experience a fall each year. A fall can unfortunately result in distress, pain, injury, loss of self-assurance or loss of independence.

If your older loved one ever falls, Sentai Clicker will be a great help in this difficult situation by them just pressing on it till the blue light goes out, this will activate Sentai to register that an accident occurred and will ask your loved one: “What happened?” “Do they need help?” and “Can they reach the phone or not, so whether your relatives should call or not?”

They can simply answer these questions, and Sentai will inform you by sending a notification to your phone so, you can go there or call if accessible.


  • Help out your loved one’s carer

A carer has a lot of responsibility in maintaining the mental and physical health of the person being cared for, and they might feel that they have a lot to remember with regard to your loved one’s medications, meal times, etc.

However, with Sentai we are sure all carers will be more comfortable with day to day tasks, since they are able to set medication reminders and mealtime reminders easily in Sentai for your loved one per their needs.


  • Mum or Dad doesn't have to worry about keeping up and remembering their daily tasks.

Most people forget basic information as they get older, they believe that forgetfulness is the initial symptom of Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's disease, however, is not the only cause of memory loss. Other causes of memory problems most commonly include ageing, medical conditions, emotional issues or mild cognitive impairment.

We at Sentai recognize that we all can forget things sometimes, especially the older individuals, so we made the Reminders feature to provide a gentle nudge to take out the bins, call a friend or etc.

You can set it up to remind you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at any hour per your preference.


  • Taking important medications on time

There is no doubt that medications, no matter what, are more effective when taken consistently at a specific time. 

Therefore, with the Medications feature that Sentai provides, you can set up all the medications that your loved one needs, by using simple memorable description (like, Small White 30 mg Pills), so Sentai can pronounce it with ease.

You can set it up with any start and end dates (if there is an end date for the medication), and to be reminded of at any frequency, including daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Only one grocery trip!

Of course, we all know the tired feeling of carrying tons of grocery bags for the week and dropping them down on the floor, only to know that we forget to get the eggs!

Well no more, with Sentai Shopping feature, you can rest assured to get all your groceries in one quick trip. Your loved one can activate Sentai, by clicking the clicker once, and ask Sentai to add some items to the shopping list. Once added, you will find the items on the Companion App in the shopping feature, so you can purchase the items for your loved one the next time you visit them.

Your loved one can edit the shopping list anytime, so you will always have an up-to-date list in real time.

Bonus tip: 

Advise your loved ones to be as specific as they want in their list, for example, instead of adding bread, if they prefer whole wheat bread they can add it so, you’re not confused which one to get at the store.


  • Check In Regularly.

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to manage our time and maintain a good work-life balance, so it can be hard to check in with your parents or grandparents. 

Sentai provides a simple solution to that issue — the Check In feature, which is set up automatically for the wakeup time to ask your loved one the following questions: “How do they feel?” and “How would they rate their feeling between 1 and 10, 10 being the best ever?”, and send their answer directly to your phone, so you know how they feel every day.

You can also change the time you want Sentai to check in with your loved ones, either at wakeup time, bedtime, or any other custom time you might want to add.


  • Are they sleeping like a baby or not?

Everyone can have trouble with sleep now and again, whether sleeping too much or too little. With Sentai however, you can track how much sleep and the quality of sleep your loved one is getting daily.

Sentai Sensor, which needs to be fixed up near a bed in a non-trip hazard location (as per this guide), monitors movement from and out of the bed, so you can see how long your loved one slept. 

Additionally, once your loved one wakes up, Sentai asks how well they slept and records the answer.


  • Did they get up out of bed? Should I call now or later?

You can know when to call your loved one by using the Sentai Reminders and Sensor so you know they are not asleep.

Since Sentai sensor tracks the movements of your loved one, you will always know when they are active and when they are not. Consequently, there won’t be situations when you call your loved one while they're still sleeping.


  • Check up on their activity anytime!

Navigate to Companion App Activity Feed to check all interactions between Sentai and your loved one that took place throughout the day, from waking up, responding to a reminder, taking their meds, having a little nap, you name it.

So, you can always stay up to date with your loved one.